University House

University House (formerly known as NESCA house), located on the corner of King Street and Auckland Street, is one of the buildings with a large occupation by the School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences (HCISS). University House is a state heritage-listed building featuring an art deco style and an impressive sandstone façade.

The building code for University House is UNH. Rooms are labelled according to their building code, level, and room number. For instance, UNH102 is University House, Level 1, Room 102. 

If you need help finding a room, ask the friendly staff or a helpful app is MazeMap.

Opening Hours

Open Access

8am – 6pm Monday to Friday

Secure Access*

7am – 8am & 6pm – 10pm Monday to Friday

8am – 10pm Saturday & Sunday

*Secure Access can be acquired from the completion of the General Induction.

Please note that most areas are key and card access restricted and are subject to the availability of the technical staff.  

Please note some areas are key and card access restricted and are subject to the availability of the technical staff. Computer Labs are card access only.

Technical Staff Availability

8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Technical Staff Office Locations are: UNHG03 (Uni House, Ground Floor, Room 03) and UNHG04 (Uni House, Ground Floor, Room 04)

Printing Services

Room Access & Required Inductions

University House has a range of spaces for students to complete their coursework. See the table below.

Type Of RoomRooms AvailableInduction Required
Computer LabsUNHG01 
General Induction
General Induction
Photo Studio UNH147L2 Photo Studio Induction
Print Lab MakerspaceUNHG07
L1 City Makerspaces Induction
Technical Staff OfficesUNHG03
Specimens LabUNH305L1 Illustration & Painting
Animation Lab UNH124L1 Animation Studios Induction
Illustration & Textiles RoomUNH143General Induction
Edit SuitesUNH125 
General Induction
Honours StudioUNH108General Induction
(Honours Student Priority)
PhD & Masters Degree SpacesUNH115General Induction*
(PhD Students Only, card access required)
LDTI City StudioUNH116General Induction
Textiles Studio MakerspaceUNH206
L1 City Makerspaces Induction
City Campus Map

Room & Equipment Bookings

Room & equipment bookings are made through the Booking Point systems:

Evacuation Point

The emergency evacuation meeting point for University House is at Christie Park

University House evacuation point: Christie Park
Updated on October 12, 2022

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