Plasmatic Research Laboratory

The Plasmatic Research Laboratory (PRL) is an Animation Studio within the School of Creative Industries.

Plasmatic Research Laboratory – UNH124 Animation Lab

Location & Opening Hours

UNH124 – University House, Level 1, Room 124

7am10pm Mon – Sunday

Closed on Public Holidays

Access & Usage

Usage of the PRL is currently limited to students and staff studying or working within the School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences (HCISS).

Entry to the space is given to those who have completed their Level 0 General Induction and the Level 2 Animation Studios Induction. These can be found via the Induction Catalogue:

Bookings are required for equipment, rooms and, studios:

Troubleshooting & Solutions

Rooms & Equipment Available

NameSize (mm)Type
The Caroline400 x 600Medium Standard
The Oskar400 x 600Medium Standard
The Lotte400 x 600Medium Standard
The Don600 x 800Large Standard
The Max600 x 800Large Standard + Projector Trace-Table (Analogue Roto-Capable)
Bender400 x 600Motion control enabled rig. Your friendly robot camera stand. Make smooth horizontal moves with your artwork or move the camera up and down while shooting. Up and down zoom capable.

  • 2 x Rotating Light Desks
  • Animation Hole Punch
  • Projector Drawing Table
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener
  • A2 Lightpads


Plasmatic Research Laboratory
Plasmatic Research Laboratory UNH124

The Max

Animation Photo Capture Stand

The Oskar

The Oskar
Animation Photo Capture Stand

The Caroline

The Caroline
Animation Photo Capture Stand


Animation Photo Capture Stand

Animation Studio Q
Updated on August 2, 2022

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