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The School of Humanities, Creative Industries & Social Sciences has an Epilog Fusion Pro 48 laser cutter for student & staff use. Below is information on how to incorporate this piece of equipment into your projects. 

Class Red Equipment
The Laser Cutter is Class Red Equipment


QG05 – Q Building – The Prototyping Lab

Access & Usage

To access the Laser Cutter, you must complete two inductions – The General Induction & The City Makerspaces Induction. This will enable you access to the Makerspace privilege set in the Booking System which includes the Laser Cutter.

When you book, you will be a part of the creative process to iterate your designs during production. 

As the Laser Cutter is a Class Red piece of equipment, the physical operation of the printer is limited to Technical and inducted staff only.

Cut Submit & Booking

The laser cutter must be booked before use, follow the how to guide to book:


HCISS Staff & Students:
External e.g. I2N Members, Alumni & University Community:

Please note a $20.00 set-up fee applies to External Members.


Model: Epilog Fusion Pro 48

Maximum size: 1219 x 914.4mm (48 x 36″)

Minimum size: 10 x 10mm

Power: 60W

Workable Materials:

(E) Etching/Engraving

(VC) Vector Cutting

Wood up to 6mm thick by 10 000N in hardness (E, VC)
Denim (E, VC)
Laserable Plastics (E, VC)
Leather (E, VC)
Mat Board (E, VC)
Plywood (E, VC)
Rubber (E, VC)

Acrylic (E)
Anodized Aluminum (E)
Painted Brass (E)
Glass (E)
Marble (E)
Melamine (E)
Stainless Steel with coating (E)

Felt (VC)
Wool Felt (VC)
Foamcore (VC)
Core Flute (VC)

Resolution: 50 – 1200dpi (300-600dpi recommended)

Further Reading

Joinery – Laser cut edge creation web program – Template boxes to start off your creations

Blender Paper Model – Information on exporting paper/flat templates of 3D models from 3D Creation Suite program Blender

Updated on June 14, 2022

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