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General and Specialist Inductions

To adhere to the WH&S policy for the School of Creative Industries and access to resources and specialist facilities, inductions are required as part of coursework and research activities. This includes academic staff, technical staff, visiting researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students. If you have have not completed the relevant inductions, access to resources and facilities will not be approved until you have successfully completed the required inductions.

Types of inductions may include:

  • Online presentations or video instruction
  • Onsite demonstration of specialist facilities
  • Online quiz

Successful completion of the required induction (100% PASS) is required to gain access. Inductions are valid to align with semester based coursework and may be required to be renewed to keep access privileges.

Inductions are classified according to the levels below:

General Induction

Level 0: General Induction

The General Induction is Level 0/Class Grey and is the first of a series of inductions available.

The general induction must be completed by all staff and students within the School of Creative Industries. This induction covers WHS, General information, Technical support and University operations. This general induction (Level 0) is Mandatory and is required to access general facilities and equipment.

By completing the general induction (level 0) you are given access to:

  • General facilities within the city precinct (includes after hours access)
  • Access to book facilities and equipment (Booking point)

General Induction Spaces

General Induction Video Modules

Watch these videos to answer the questions in the general induction. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the induction PowerPoint slides:

Module 1: General Information

Module 2: Evacuation Procedures

Module 3: After Hours Access

Module 4: General Work Health & Safety

Module 5: Useful Links & Knowledge Bases


Specialist Inductions

Level 1: Specialist Induction

Level 2: Specialist Induction

Additional inductions may be required for your coursework that are classified as Level 1/Class Green or Level 2/Class Orange areas. Such inductions allow access to specialist spaces and additional resources. These can be found via your enrolled course and program Blackboard sites or upon request (supPORTAL ticket).

Requesting a Specialist Induction outside of course requirements:

Access to specialist equipment or spaces outside of normal class requirements may be required for research, particular assignments or work integrated learning outcomes.

For equity purposes, the primary users of bookings are classes, however, if there is available time outside class usage needs, specialist equipment and spaces may be booked upon completion of the associated specialist induction.

How to Request a Specialist Induction:

  • Please check that you do not already have access to the induction through your course sites in Blackboard.
  • If you do not have a specialist induction through your course blackboard sites, please submit a Technical Ticket Request below.
  • Please note – you may be required to provide additional information about the scope of your project or evidence of approval from your supervisor (e.g. tutor, lecturer, course coordinator or manager) before receiving access to the inductions.

Specialist Inductions for Specialised Spaces

You must complete the General Induction in addition to the required specialised inductions to gain access and use equipment in the following areas. Please note that different equipment within each space required a different level of access and thus induction.




Updated on September 15, 2021

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