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Accessing the Booking System – Guide


  1. To gain access to any resource in the Booking System, you must first complete the School of Creative Industries General Induction

2. You must then complete any additional inductions offered by your courses. These can be found via the Blackboard site of each course (see below image for location guidance).

Completing these additional inductions will give you access to different borrower privileges and the associated equipment, studios and rooms. You will not be able to log on and see any equipment without completing these inductions.

An example of induction location on Blackboard Course Site

IMPORTANT: Regardless of your year of study, you have to complete the SOCI General Induction and additional inductions for access to equipment, studios and rooms each year.

How to Guide: Video

How to Use the Booking System. See below for pre-requisites of access, written how to guide, and troubleshooting common issues

Written How to Guide

  1. After completing the General Inductions and additional inductions required by your courses
  2. Log into Booking Point for the first time, please use your Student ID number (e.g. c1234567) or Staff Numberplate (e.g. abc123) and the temporary password of “1234”

Log-In Information

Student ID Number – c1234567
Staff Numberplate – abc123
Temporary Password – 1234

You will then be prompted to reset to a password of your choosing. 

Note: Some equipment (such as the Makerspace) does not require a class induction.

Day View & Week View Differences

Equipment and items that can be taken home are found and booked under Week View.

Example Items:

  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Drawing Tablets
  • Equipment Kits (video equipment kits, field recording kits)

Equipment and items that can not be taken home are found and booked under Day View in slots during Building Operational hours.

Example Items:

  • Laser Cutter
  • Riso Printer
  • Studio Mics

Rooms, studios and spaces, as they can not be taken home, are found and booked under Day View.


  • Animation Studios
  • Edit Suites
  • Practice Rooms
  • Photo Studio


Updated on September 23, 2021

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