DCIT Print Submit – terms & conditions

You are responsible for your files. If you submit the wrong file or mess up any necessary file preparation, we are not responsible.

If there is a printer issue and your file isn’t printed correctly, we will reprint it for you.

If you would like to proof your colour on our calibrated display, please email dcittechs@newcastle.edu.au to arrange a time in advance.

You need to pay for any printing done on your behalf, even if you submit the wrong file.

We are not responsible for your assessment or managing your time. If you don’t submit a file in time to collect and trim / mount the print before your assessment is due, that is your responsibility.

If you are substantially late for an appointment, you will have to schedule another.

Payment must be made when you pick up your prints, by swiping your student card to spend your print credit. If you do not have credit on your student card, you cannot collect your prints. To add print credit to your student account, visit MyPrintCopy @ UoN or visit a credit loading machine in one of the Libraries. More information here: Your Student ID and Accounts @ UoN

If you have any further questions, please email dcittechs@newcastle.edu.au